Friday, August 15, 2008

don't leave me wastin so soon

I figure that creating a blog would give me something else to do besides focus on the fact that in a month I will be jet-setting it back to England :-(

Next year is looking to be a bit of a blur for me academic-wise. I MAY be transferring to a state school in California just because I can't afford the tuition abroad anymore. It's a complicated situation, my university nolonger qualifies for federal funding for US students, and since I'm not from the wealthiest of families I don't qualify for a private loan either. So I guess we'll see if I get accepted for spring semester at state, and I'll have to figure things out from there.

Anyway, as I feel summer slipping from my grasp I wanted to document/pay tribute to the lush summer skirts that have come in these past few months.

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